BASH Token Details

BASH Allocation
500 million BASH tokens has been minted, never to be minted again and will become available to the public slowly over a period of time as the Bashoswap protocol is being developed.
Token Name: Bashoswap
Ticker: BASH
Policy ID (contract address): 642bd005a49116e53cedfca1a84aee173a6be0544d27bc611afcbb53
Total Supply: 500,000,000
Decimals: 4

Bashoswap Tokenomics

Bashoswap Token Distribution / Vesting Schedule

Founder & Team Tokens Locked For 18 Months
Advisors Tokens Locked For 9 Months
Private Sale Tokens Locked For 4 Months
Locked Treasury & Mining Reserves 3 Year Vesting Period